marijn roos lindgreen

A wall divides the living room. It is neither a true division nor a separation of a part – we can walk around it, stand on either side. The wall is built up out of white, hollow, wax bricks. All bricks have an opening and show us their hollowness. The openings vary in shape and size, are sometimes visible, sometimes not. All bricks are brick-sized and the thickness of its walls is approximately five millimeters. The bricks are slightly translucent.

Wax Brick is based on the principle of virtual mass; matter which is not solid, but can be experienced as such. I take the brick, icon of mass, and I try to unbalance it, to add fragility. A hollow, an opening, a volatile material. The work explores how space and mass, two apparent opposites, can fulfill a same function: how both can simultaneously separate and connect and how one can be experienced as being the other.