marijn roos lindgreen

This concept for a living room explores the possibilities of non-functional space. The living room, traditionally a place of luxury, is repurposed with the ultimate luxurious non-function: Living Room exists solely to be experienced.

Living Room is made up out of three elements – each of these elements attempts to evoke emotion, action or reaction in the visitor (the acting inhabitant). Two pillars signal an entrance – both to the room itself and to the organic spaces they hold within. They invite you in. The floor is covered in tiles that break upon touch, eliciting play and tension. Two pyramids slowly erode through falling drops, they demand patience and exchange this for a moment of rest. These elements work together to form a reality in which priority is given to perception.

Living Room has been installed in the former Burgerweeshuis by Aldo van Eyck, as part of the exhibition East Wing.