marijn roos lindgreen

In 2021 I have been commissioned by the Amsterdam municipality to design and produce the prize object for the Zuiderkerkprijs - a prize awarded yearly to best new architecture project in Amsterdam in the past year.

The prize has been produced in triplicate – one to be awarded to the winning architecture office, one to their client, and one to be included in the collection of the municipality of Amsterdam.

Next to being a prize object, this award functions as a mold for a wax building block. The mold expresses a promise: a building block which can be multiplied infinitely. As a stand-alone work it fits into a series of installations built up out of wax blocks (see: 147kg). These installations imagine an architecture which can be melted down and reshaped to form something new, without loss of material – a constant transition. This mold holds the potential for such an installation.

The prize references the breezeblock; cement bricks with openings, mostly used decoratively to separate spaces in interiors and gardens. Partitions without constructive function. This choice of open stone in combination with the fleeting material creates temporary, non-functional, minimal spatial separation.